Limited Lifetime Warranty & No Fault

Take pleasure in knowing that your vehicle is being repaired hassle-free. Rest assured that our highly-qualified staff members will always deliver on their promise. We as a team promise to provide an honest, quality repair that is built on trust and integrity.

We stand behind our quality and workmanship. AWIN Downtown Bodyshop offers you a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all repairs preformed. Having your vehicle repaired at our establishment guarantees that repairs preformed meet or exceed industry standards. We deliver complete satisfaction.

This warranty applies to the herein listed customer, and it continues for as long as he/she owns this vehicle. It is non-transferable and covers labor and materials completed by AWIN Downtown Bodyshop. Parts and sublets are subject to its original manufacturer’s warranty.

This warranty does not cover rust/corrosion or rust/corrosion repairs, normal wear and tear, or damage due to environmental factors i.e. stone chips, industrial fallout. It does not cover improper maintenance, abnormal use, negligence (including timely reporting of any warrantable repair issues), subsequent damage, fire or other casualties, and does not cover repairs not performed by AWIN Downtown Bodyshop. If repairs are altered by anyone other than staff of AWIN Downtown Bodyshop, this warranty is null and void.

This warranty does not cover any expense for loss of use of your vehicle, any liability to your vehicle or any liability to you or others for bodily injury or property damage. No other warranty is provided or authorized, except for the above written warranty and specific exclusion issued by AWIN Downtown Bodyshop.

Any other inquiries or concerns please call: 416-363-1688 or email us.

All reputable repair shops offer a limited lifetime guarantee. Beware the facility or organization that claims no restrictions. Check terms and conditions carefully. All manufacturers warranties are maintained if original parts are used in the repair process, if you are concerned then ask to see a copy of your estimate.

Exclusions: Rust and abrasion, environmental damage, unreasonable use, lack of maintenance and care. The guarantee is void if the vehicle is altered or repaired at any facility other than Downtown Body Shop The guarantee is limited to the cost of the labour and materials to repair defective work only.s No additional costs are covered.

No Fault

Many customers are misled by the term “no fault insurance” In fact, Fault is applied to every accident. Insurance does not mean that no one is at fault when there is an accident. No Fault, as it pertains to your vehicle in an accident, means that you deal with your own insurance company. You do not have to seek damages or sue for compensation from the “at fault driver”. Your insurance company protects your rights in these situations. After you report an accident to your insurer, they will investigate the circumstances of the accident and determine liability based on the accident report and other determining factors.